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How to submit your artwork

Artwork Specifications

Advertising Calendars and Personalized Calendars are easy to purchase and many options and extras are available.


  • 1st proof (e-mailed): Part of standard $20.00 Advertising Setup Fee
  • Hard copy proofs: $32.00 each plus overnight shipping
  • Additional proofs: $50.00 each
  • Two Color AD (standard colors): $200.00
  • PMS Color match: $75.00 each
  • Author's Alterations: $65.00 per hour
  • Tubes (up to 22"): $.54each
  • Envelopes (up to 14"): $.25each
  • Wrappers: (up to 22"): $.28each

How to Prepare & Submit Artwork

Following are specifications and tips on preparing & submitting custom artwork for inclusion on your volume order. Make sure that you are ordering at least the minimum quantity required for ad copy per item. If you cannot prepare the art file(s) for your order, we can provide graphic prep service at $75.00/hr (1 hr minimum).

Submitting the Artwork

  • A. E-mail to As a general rule, file size must be no larger than 10 MB when sending any one e-mail to this address. If you have multiple files to send, you can group them together in different e-mails that total 10 MB or less per e-mail. If you have any one file that exceeds 10 MB in size, you will need to use our FTP site for uploading; see below.
  • B. We have an FTP site that you can upload files to. Click here for instructions: Uploading art files via our FTP site
  • Submission Notes

    • - If e-mailing files, include your order number in the subject field and your contact information somewhere in the body. If sending them via FTP upload, include the order number and contact information in a separate text file.
    • - When dealing with multiple files, it is best to compress them all into one file via WinZip or StuffIt.
    • - When submitting files/photos that are to appear on different month pages, be sure to include the month abbreviation (such as jan, feb, mar) in the file name so we know where to put each file/photo.
    • - Be sure to send high resolution (300 dpi or higher) files. If you do not have high resolution artwork or the capability to create such, we can assist in this area. Please contact us for quoting your ad copy prep & composition.
    • - Include a hard copy of the files showing area to print. Define area to print showing cropping and bleed.
    • - Any custom imprint intended to extend to a cut edge of sheet must include 1/8" of non-critical extra image to allow for trimming. For these 'full bleed' jobs, any critical body copy or imprint should be no closer than 1/8" to the finished/cut edge to allow for cut/trim tolerance. Please keep in mind other factors such as binding punch holes, tinning wrap and drill holes when setting up your artwork to avoid interference with your critical data. Please contact customer service for additional item specifications.
    • Please Supply:

      • - Phone Number
      • - Company Name
      • - Order Number
      • - List of the applications the files were created in
      • - Specify whether created on PC or Mac
      • - Specify how you saved the job (eps, tif, jpeg, etc.)
      • - A color hard copy must be supplied if color accuracy is required.

      'In the Image' name list files:

      • If you are submitting more than ten names for one of our name 'In the Image' calendars, the required format is as follows:
      • - Excel spreadsheet file type required.
      • - In columnar format, simply list the first or first&last names that are to appear in each calendar. (First recipient name in cell A1, second recipient name in cell B1, etc.)
      • - Combined names (such as 'Sarah & Tom') are admissable; whatever you type in each cell is exactly what will be merged into each calendar page.
      • - E-mail file along with our system order number to

      'Family Birthday' calendar (item #Family) or other calendars with 'custom dateblocking':

      • For orders that allow for our imprinting your custom information within different dateblocks, submit the custom information as follows:
      • - Excel spreadsheet file type required.
      • - In columnar format, simply list the date we are to customize in column A and then the data we are to print in adjacent column B cell. (First custom dateblock date in cell A1 - such as 'January 9'; first birthdate/anniversary/event in adjacent cell B1, etc.)
      • - Make sure to proofread the data as we will print verbatim per your spreadsheet content.
      • - E-mail file along with our system order number to


      • - All placed artwork and fonts must be included to assure proper processing of your files.
      • - Art must be at 100% of final output size or contain cropping instructions.
      • - Scans must not be prescreened.
      • - We will set up to five lines of type; submit type with desired general layout instructions in 'text only' formats below.
      • - Photographs in CMYK mode must be printed in four color process and cannot be converted to spot colors.

      Art must have been created in one of the following applications:

      • - Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Mac or PC)
      • - Adobe Photoshop CS4 (PC or Mac)
      • - Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 (PC), 7.0 (Mac)
      • - Corel Draw 11.0 (PC)
      • - Adobe InDesign CS 5.5 (Mac or PC)
      • - Corel Draw PhotoPaint (PC)
      • - Microsoft Word 2000 or later (text only)
      • - Office 2000 or later (PC) (text only)
      • - Quark Xpress 6.0 (Mac), 5.0 (PC)
      • - Macromedia Freehand 8.0 (Mac)

      Set job up as follows:

      • - Printing Process: CMYK
      • - Full color art: 300 dpi (at final output size)
      • - Line art: 1200 dpi at final output size
      • - Line screen: 150 dpi at final output size

      Acceptable File Storage:

      • - Floppy Disk 3.5 in.
      • - 120 MB Superdisk
      • - Iomega Zip 100 MB
      • - Flashdrives
      • - CD-Rom/DVD-Rom

      General Information:

      • Fulfillment and mailing services available for an extra charge.